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This system allows those with functional needs the opportunity to provide information to emergency responders to assist in planning before, during, and after emergencies.  The planning tool is intended to assist public safety professionals and volunteers to better meet the needs of the functional population and provides the basis for improved coordination and planning in helping people with functional needs and the facilities that serve them. Registering does not guarantee services and should not take the place of personal preparation.

If you or someone you know has a special need, perhaps mobility issues, oxygen usage or communication difficulties, please take advantage of this system to ensure emergency personnel are aware of your situation.

  • Those with disabilities

  • Elderly

  • Children

  • Diverse Cultures

  • Language limitations

  • Transportation disadvantaged

  • Mobility

  • Equipment required

  • Service animals

  • Severe health conditions




Populations who may have

additional needs before, during and after

an incident in functional areas including but not limited to: maintaining independence, communication, transportation, supervision and medical care. Individuals potentially in need of additional assistance during

emergencies may include those with disabilities; those who live in institutionalized settings; the elderly and children; those from diverse cultures; those with limited English proficiency or are non-English speaking; and individuals who are transportation disadvantaged.

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Allen County 911 Communications Center

410 N. State                                       

Iola, KS 66749

Office 620-365-1437

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The information collected will not be available to the public – it will only be released to public safety agencies to improve their ability to effectively plan for the needs of functional populations.

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